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Timothy Leary Documentry from BBC

Published 2000

A BBC documentary on the life of Timothy Leary produced in 2000.

Audio/Visual sound, color


Reviewer: HipCowboy - - August 2, 2009
Subject: BBC Documentary Review
Even though the BBC Documentary has a great deal of balanced content it often has a heavy bias in favor of the social conservative culture and has several factual errors. Even though it says it was released in 2000 it has the feel and sometimes the message of a 1950s propaganda piece.

About twenty minutes of the 50 minute movie focuses on Leary's sex life with a deep tone of disapproval.

The documentary chose to extensively described Leary's problems during his two years as a candidate at West Point and how he was "expelled from Alabama University for being found in the girls dormitory". But, the BBC totally ignored his honorable military service during WW2 and his education leading to his PhD.

According to the BBC in this documentary Leary became a Professor at Berkley immediately after being expelled as an undergraduate for fooling around with girls.

This documentary is a good view from the point of the classic social conservative towards Timothy Leary.